Albertsons Shopping Experience

Albertsons is a grocery company which owns various brands. Under its umbrella are brands like Safeway, Vons, Jewel Osco, Tom Thumb and more. Each brand has its own website with its own style. There is no sense of unity between the brands. Even within the same brand, the website and app have elements that aren’t standardized and make it seem like a jumble of different sites. It’s not cohesive and confuses the user quite a lot. Especially in a time when consumers are shifting towards online shopping, it’s important to keep up and create an environment that is easy to navigate.

I asked my manager at the time if the restaurant worked with Soup Kitchens or other volunteers to possibly give some of the food away. Unfortunately, he said no. The leftover food is still edible, but there’s no system set to deliver the food to the soup kitchens.

The future of grocery shopping is now online! A study by Morgan Stanley, predicted that within the next few years, one-third of all shoppers will be purchasing a portion of their groceries online. Working alongside a very talented team of designers, we created a standardized design for all of Albertsons sites. This not only included all their brands but also their corporate site.

We needed to create a standardized design for all the brands because depending on the user’s location, certain stores are available there. For instance, if a user, located in Chicago, decided to go on the Vons website (primarily in California & Nevada), they would be transferred over to the Jewel Osco site because Vons does not have stores located in the Chicago area. Therefore, it’s important to keep a consistent design, so that loyal Albertsons customers can jump from one brand to another, no matter their location, without much hassle.

We also worked on branding, creating icons, finding images, and photographing as well. In addition to standardizing the design and navigation we added several features. We added an onboarding tutorial of the new design and features we included. Also, we incorporated digitally clipping coupons. Instead of receiving the paper coupons in mail, we now have personalized digital coupons for members.

We worked on desktop and mobile responsive site, as well as the mobile app.

UI/UX Designer

Sketch (Wireframes and Visual Design), Adobe Photoshop (Visual Design, Designing Banners), Invision (Prototyping)

The users of this new environment would be any person who would want the convenience of online shopping. We’ve created digital aisles so that we could bring the same experience of store-shopping to this new digital space.

Meet Turaab, he’s an accountant with a great ambition for cooking. After a long day of work, he likes to come back home and cook himself and his family various dishes. Because he loves experimenting, he uses different types of ingredients on each dish. He doesn’t have time after work to go to the grocery store, so he usually prefers online grocery shopping. He’s a loyal customer of Safeway, but doesn’t mind using similar grocery stores when he’s traveling.

Keeping Turaab in mind, we were able to list out the features we felt would enhance his online shopping experience. We created a To-Be Journey Map of his onboarding & shopping experience and then were able to pinpoint the main features to highlight and include within the website and app.

Simultaneously as we added a few features we organized the site map to something that could easily be navigated and was comprehensive.

We worked in sprints, and slowly introduced new features and designs to the website and app. With each iteration we were able to create refined mockups. Below are a few selected screens.

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