Supper Saviors

Supper Saviors is an application that promotes volunteering and fighting against hunger. This application connects volunteers with restaurants and soup kitchens, allowing them to receive points for their help.

Having worked in a restaurant, I would notice that pounds of food would be thrown away at the end of the night. Food that could possibly have been given to soup kitchens to help the needy. This sparked an idea of wanting to create an environment where everyday people could work with large restaurants to donate food to the hungry. From there 'Supper Saviors', a play on 'superhero' was born! Volunteers would pick up the food from the restaurant, donate it to the soup kitchens, and receive points, which they can later use to buy gift cards for restaurants. This relationship not only benefits the volunteers, but also the soup kitchens and restaurants. Restaurants get free publicity and by taking part they can drive in more customers. Soup kitchens receive more food to give to the hungry. On top of the gift card incentive, volunteers gain an easy and fun environment to get involved and help the community,

Experience the application on Invision.

Visit the Supper Saviors promotional website.

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